10 Ways That Technology Has Improved Dentistry

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Yesterday’s dental office was basically a chair and no-frills tools that your dentist used manually. There weren’t many bells and whistles, which often made dental visits an act of bravery. Dentistry has come a long way in the past decade mainly due to advances in technology. Here are ten recent innovations that offer patients greater comfort as well as more diverse solutions.

Digital X-Rays

Having digital imaging is convenient. Instead of carrying a giant floppy print from your dentist to a specialist, you can request an email with the latest x-rays of your teeth attached.

Intravenous IV sedation

Laughing gas is a mere distraction from pain that doesn’t provide the total relief that being intravenously sedated during a painful procedure does.


Dentures have never been an ideal solution to missing teeth. They move around or come loose while eating. Implants are bolted in and feel real.

Text message consultations

No need to drive or travel by pesky public transportation to your dentist’s office to learn about a procedure you’re interested in. Just request a video text. It’s easy and if you didn’t quite get how the process of the work you want done will be performed, you can simply tap the screen on your mobile phone and watch the video your dentist sent you again.

Zoom! Whitening

Zoom! Whitening far surpasses other more traditional approaches of making your smile brighter. A laser and hydrogen peroxide are the new and improved tools your dentist can now use.

Bluetooth toothbrushes

Confused by instructions you’ve received on how to brush properly? A Bluetooth toothbrush will make brushing a breeze. It times how long you’re in front of the mirror. It will signal when you need to apply more pressure or aren’t brushing firmly enough.


A tool that harnesses the precision of a laser, the Diagnodent pen allows your dentist to detect gum disease at the first signs, so it can be stopped before it progresses.


Say goodbye to the old days when you needed to wear metal braces. Invisalign braces are invisible to the naked eye, so no one can see them. They’re discreet and they straighten teeth faster while allowing you to eat any food you please.

Flossing devices

Flossing devices make cleaning food and plaque from your teeth into a more disciplined ritual. Just stick a floss dispenser to your bathroom medicine cabinet mirror and tug the amount of string you need. Flossing gadgets also light up and alert you if you’ve gone too long without a floss.

Ultrasonic cleaning

It takes one-third of the time as old school hand scaling and scraping. It won’t make you wince. Lean back while your dentist releases gusts of water and bacteria cleaner into your mouth from a small instrument, and that’s it.

We have come a long way with technology, and there’s only going to be more advancements and helpful dentistry gadgets in the years to come.

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