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Home Teeth Whitening

Modernized Teeth Whitening Services

At Upper Bucks Dental Arts we specialize in stress-free, effective and positive teeth whitening experience. Offering new technologies that provide the best and fastest results.

Teeth Whitening Services Include:

  • Glo Science Professional – Go beyond brushing and flossing with the latest pro chairside whitening treatment.
  • Advantages of Glo – Using a universally sized mouth guard, safe LED light combined with optimal warming heat, patients get lasting results without dehydration, rebound, or zingers.
  • Home Teeth Whitening – In addition to the chairside treatment, we offer a Glo mouth guard for take-home treatments, to whiten your teeth on your time!
  • Take Home GIfts  – New patients will also receive a take-home Oral-B Vitality toothbrush to maximize effectiveness even when you’re not at the dentist.

Having healthy and white teeth not only effects your overall health but also affects your appearance.  With our newest therapies, we can ensure a healthy and clean mouth with less chair time, pain-free treatment, and lasting results.