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Family-Friendly Environment

A place where you feel at home. Our goal is for you leave the appointment smiling and happy you went to the dentist.

Certified Professional

Dr. Brown wants each patient to leave her office smiling like they mean it, and she will take the necessary time to address her patient's needs.

State of the Art Equipment

Diverse range of instruments, cutting-edge technology, tools, and techniques to provide our patients with the best care possible.

Explore Dental Care Services

Together, you and Dr. Brown will create a personalized treatment plan whether you need a restoration, or are wanting your dream smile makeover. We are here to help you achieve your dental goals, and we love creating beautiful, healthy smiles.

Routine Check-ups

From examinations to regular teeth cleaning, we service all of your dental health needs.

Teeth Whitening

We provide our patients services that offers fix’s and realignment such as orthodontics.


One stop shop for all your othro needs, with in house technology to diagnose and perform orthodontic care.

Dental Implants

Suffering from a toothache?  Everlasting dental implants with maximum accuracy and effectiveness.

Oral Hygiene

Gone are the days of paste and scrubbing, Airflow therapy is stress-free effective oral hygiene treatment.

Root Canal Therapy

Everyones worst fear in the dental world, we offer smooth root canal procedures and treatments.

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Our Reviews

The staff are friendly and compassionate! I had a wonderful experience each and every time I visited. Dr. Brown is the gentlest dentist I have EVER encountered and I will not hesitate to recommend this practice to anyone. The atmosphere is spectacular and it gives you a feel for the type of quality dental work you will receive. A++++++++

Lori Miller

After having been to many dental offices, I found one that I would love to continue going to for awhile. Personally, I hate feeling like I’m at the dentist. But Upper Bucks Dental Arts has an atmosphere and hospitality that I love! The staff is amazing, and they always aim to make it affordable! Here, it’s always the patient first.

Kelsie McGonigle