If You Have Sore Gums You Need to See Your Dentist

Reasons why to see a dentist

Don’t ignore the condition of your mouth’s gum tissues, because it can lead to serious health issues. Some of these problems will involve your dental health, but there are other reasons for having sore gums. The best place to seek help for your tender gum tissues is with a dentist who understands your soft oral tissues. With an examination that can include medical images and lab tests, it is possible for a dentist in Quakertown PA to determine what is wrong with your gums. Sore gums can indicate several health issues, including these problems.

Sore Gum Cause 1: Mild to Serious Gum Disease

Sore gum tissues are a common sign of gingivitis, and a dentist can determine if you have a mild to serious form of the condition. Early gingivitis is easy to treat with oral antibiotics and antiseptic rinses, but if you have serious periodontal disease, then you will need a deep cleaning to eliminate the infection. In some cases, you will need surgery to have the diseased gum tissue removed along with having the roots of your teeth cleaned thoroughly.

Sore Gum Cause 2: Diagnosing a Fungal Infection

If you have sore gums combined with a white foul-tasting substance in your mouth, then you may have oral thrush. This is a fungal condition that can infect your gums and the other areas of your mouth, leading to discomfort. While brushing and flossing your teeth can help you to eliminate the infection in your mouth, you must use a prescription antifungal medication to overcome this problem.

Sore Gum Cause 3: Finding Vitamin Deficiencies

A vitamin deficiency can lead to having sore gums, so a dentist can determine if your gum tissues are also bleeding or if your teeth are loose. These issues indicate that you have a vitamin K deficiency, and this can damage your mouth’s alveolar bones in addition to your sensitive gum tissue. Vitamin K deficiency is caused by eating a poor diet or the inability to absorb this nutrient from foods. Changing your diet or taking dietary supplements will eliminate vitamin K deficiency.

Sore Gum Cause 4: Symptom of a Blood Disorder

When you have sore gum tissues, it can indicate that you have a serious blood disorder, including anemia or leukemia. In most cases, anemia is easy to treat with iron supplements, but leukemia is a type of cancer that affects the blood. For both of these conditions, you might have pale or tender gums, and if a dentist notices these problems, then you are referred to a physician for additional treatment.

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