Dental Examination*

 dental examination

We advise you to have a dental examination (at least once a year) to help you maintain a healthy smile, prevent decay, and evaluate your oral health.



Dental Cleanings*

 Dental Cleanings

Have you scheduled your bi-annual cleaning? Routine cleanings are important to maintain healthy teeth, polish your smile, and ward off gum disease.



Emergency Dental Care*

 Emergency Dental Care

For dental emergencies, including pain, discomfort, or a chipped tooth, our office can assist you in getting quick care and relief.



Fluoride Treatment*

 Fluoride Treatment

Strengthen your dental enamel and prevent decay with an easy application of professional fluoride varnish at your Upper Bucks Dental Arts appointment.



Tooth Extraction*

 Tooth Extraction

When a tooth cannot be saved with restorative dentistry, it may be extracted to clear up an infection, stop pain, or alleviate other dental problems.

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