Teeth Bonding Quakertown, PA

When you look in the mirror, is there a tooth that stands out for all of the wrong reasons? Is it chipped? The wrong size or color? Maybe it is the wrong shape? Ask us about teeth bonding treatment in Quakertown, PA. Dental bonding is a cosmetic dental treatment that adds structure to damaged teeth and can cover tooth discoloration. Bonding uses biocompatible materials to improve the aesthetics of the smile.

Dental Bonding in Quakertown, PA

Teeth Bonding Treatment in Quakertown, PA

Dental bonding is a simple, conservative way to improve the appearance of your smile. During the bonding process, Dr. Halle-Brown will place a composite resin material directly onto the tooth structure. Because the resin is malleable and putty-like when first applied, we can shape and sculpt it to fit your tooth and correct flaws in the tooth’s appearance.

The composite resin is then hardened, trimmed, and polished to provide a lasting, aesthetic restoration for your smile. Dental bonding typically requires just one visit to our welcoming dental office. Because this treatment usually necessitates little to no tooth preparation, you can rest assured that your visit will be quick and comfortable.

Our dentist may recommend dental bonding in order to close gaps and spaces between teeth, improve misshapen teeth, lighten stained or discolored teeth, or restore chipped or cracked teeth. We will use a shade of composite resin that matches the original color of your teeth for a natural-looking effect. If you would prefer, we can use a slightly lighter shade to whiten the color of your teeth.

After your tooth bonding treatment, we recommend that you avoid foods and drinks that can stain, including coffee, tea, wine, and berries. You can brush and floss your bonded teeth just like natural teeth. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and brush gently to prevent damage to your teeth. Avoid toothpastes that contain abrasive materials, including charcoal, that can also contribute to tooth damage. 

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