Sleep Apnea Quakertown, PA

Snoring can be annoying. It can keep everyone in the home, including the snorer, from getting a healthy night’s rest. Snoring can also be an indicator of sleep apnea which can lead to serious problems for your general health. At Upper Bucks Dental Arts, our focus goes beyond your smile and includes your whole body. That is why we offer sleep apnea treatments in Quakertown, PA, and even home sleep studies if needed.

Dr. Kelly Halle-Brown is a Dawson-trained dentist that takes occlusion, or the bite, and the airway, into account when diagnosing patients. This comprehensive approach to treating problems like sleep apnea offers a more accurate look at a patient’s symptoms and possible problems.

Sleep Apnea in Quakertown, PA

What is Sleep Apnea? 

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder marked by interruptions and pauses in breathing during sleep. Obstructive sleep apnea is caused by obstructions in the airway, such as the tongue rolling back in the throat or collapsed tissues in the airway. Untreated sleep apnea can contribute to several serious health conditions, including heart disease, high blood pressure, and liver problems.

A sleep physician must diagnose sleep apnea. We recommend that you talk to Dr. Halle-Brown, as well as your physician if you suffer from the symptoms of sleep apnea.

Common signs of sleep apnea include:

  • Extreme drowsiness during the day
  • Personality changes and irritability
  • Difficulty staying asleep
  • Snoring
  • Waking up with a very dry or sore throat
  • Frequent morning headaches

Treating Sleep Apnea in Quakertown, PA

Sleep apnea treatment may depend on the severity of the condition. Since everyone’s physiology is different, no single treatment or appliance will fit each person.

We offer home-sleep studies at Upper Bucks Dental Arts. During these studies, a monitor tracks oxygen levels and breathing. This information does not evaluate your sleep but evaluates your breathing patterns. It will evaluate pauses in breathing, your effort when breathing, and how shallow you breathe.

Dr. Halle-Brown also uses airway imaging before choosing sleep apnea treatment. Airway imaging allows Dr. Halle-Brown to view the entire airway structure. She takes cone-beam x-rays to get a three-dimensional image of the airway. Dr. Halle-Brown can use this imaging with results from a home sleep study to provide the right treatment customized to each patient.

If you suffer from mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea, Dr. Halle-Brown may recommend a simple oral appliance. The appliance works to treat obstructive sleep apnea by fitting over your teeth and keeping your airway open while you sleep. Wearing the appliance prevents the tongue from blocking the air passage by holding your jaw in a position that prevents airway blockages during sleep. Dr. Halle-Brown can take dental impressions to ensure that the oral appliance fits properly. 

Treat Sleep Apnea Today 

For more information on sleep apnea treatment, we welcome you to call (215) 876-0543. You may also schedule a sleep apnea consultation with Dr. Halle-Brown on our website. We are committed to helping you improve your health!